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I found a moment (between studying and eating like Peppa Pig) to write down a post for the winner and partecipants of the YOYOMELODY's giveawaaaaay and also to show you a pretty dress that arrived to me from the site! 
I'll start saying that the girl that works with the site and with whom I talked decided the winner, so for the other girls, please don't hate me haha :3 

-The girl who won the giveaway is Debora Ferri, with the email debby_f@hotmail.it! The site will provide to send you the coupon with 100$, so congratssss :)

-For those who joined, you can use the 30$ coupon on the site using code: sd30offvalid for occasion dresses in regular price (I guess even the dresses I really loved, like this one, in the section "clothing".. or bettere I hope)

Thank you for the comments on the giveaway post!! 


And now I'll show thiiis cute dress, always from Yoyomelody, wich I wanted so bad because it's simple and still gorgeous.. but that I cannot show you on me because unfortunately I chose the wrong size. Actually, I'm am an M for most of the sites where I buy clothes, and an L only when I want it bigger to get more comfy.. but I thought this dress should have been fitted, and I didn't think of the fact that I'm 1.72m haha my bad. Anyway, If you're tall like me, choose size L!!

First thing I noticed about this dress was the back.. look at iiiit, so pretty and perfect for the summer. I thought that it's much feminine sometime to have a cut on the back than a big décolleté on the front, or just much classy! It is in a black chiffon, so really simple, but it has kinda mesh parts that make it more unique on the sleeves. If you liked it, you can find it HERE, you can use a 10$ coupon code: ym10off to buy this dress and all the other items on the site except the $29.9 prom dress :) 

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