Little Update on my Life!

2:38 PM

I'm sososo sorry I had to stop my week-in-outifts after just 3 days, guys, but to be honest I didn't really have enough time to take photos/edit them and write down something not too boring and intelligent about the look haha And I also had not enough inspiration, these days have been so relaxing, just made to stay with friends and enjoy!

But since I love writing on my blog, using it as my diary as I already said before, I wanted to make a short life update on what happened, but most of all, what's gonna happen.
 1- You may know that I have a ticket to Berlin for this august (wednesday 6) because I love Germany and I really want to study there one of my passions, fashion design! Also, Berlin is an awesome place where you have the largest choice for shopping.. what else? :D Today, and I guess untill next week, I'll be shopping with my mom to get what I'll need, so basic make up things and clothes. I should probably make a post or even a video for this, but we'll see. I'm so excited about this part of my life, the end of the school was like a dream, I really have always felt out of the school-universe, like someone who whatches a movie, even if I was living it!
 2- Next saturday I'll have a new hairstyle, and that will be a surprise so you will probably notice on one of my future outfit-posts! I hope it will be nice on me, and if it would not be nice, then I don't know.. I try different colours haha Don't know, but I just want to do something I could only try now that I'm young, you know. 
 3-I'm actually trying to live in a healthy way: taking a walk or running nearly everyday, If I'm at home then I get some time for my abs and legs exercises, eating lots of vegetables and equilibrated portions and stuff like that. Tomorrow (and I say tomorrow because I have a BBQ dinner tonight haha) I'll be eating again in a really healthy way, I wanted to start a "vegetarian week", just to clean my body a bit, you know. I'm pretty sure I cannot live without meat, I have to admit it! One week will be so difficult for me, I love every kind of meat and feel so sorry for animals, but I need it.
 4-I still have 18 days of complete vacation before I leave, and I'm relaxing so much.. I just want to keep it easy, being as kind as I can with people around me and most of all, spending lots of time in the nature. I'm so in love with green places, am I the only person who thinks to have a kind of relationship with nature?? I feel happier if I have my hour of nature a day. 
 5-I'm listening so much of my first love, Kings of Leon, expecially their old albums! It's nice to listen to "on call" with the volume up while you're getting ready for a night out.. I always feel so happy with them. I'm also listening to MØ, Arctic Monkeys, Grimes and Little Dragon!

Hope this post isn't too boring, have a great saturday :)

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