Killed myself when I was young

5:05 PM

These first two days of freedom are great, life looks so much better now and really I just want to walk all day.. I don't even want to sleep too much, and that's strange 'cause sleeping is my favourite hobby actually.. I'm spending these days doing literally nothing: I'm watching to my favourite youtubers (you can find them here, if you haven't already!), lying on my bed and listening to some relaxing summer music. I recently discovered MØ, a really cool north-european artist with some nice 90's vibes.. In love with her. If you want to start listening to her songs, I suggest you to begin with "Walk this way", "Slow love" and "Pilgrim"!

Skinny Pants: H&M
Crochet Top: FrontRowShop *

I don't like pants but they're part of the outfit because I think that with a skirt this top wouldn't look that great. I was looking for something crochet/lace in ages, and this was exactly what I wanted.. I could call it a crop top, but it continues with the lace fabric and it creates an awesome effect. Again FrontRowShop surprised me with the materials, really great quality, and I kinda knew it because of the positive reviews of other fashion bloggers on the internet! Also, it's white, and I think this summer I'm gonna wear a lot of white.
Soon I'll made a post to have from you some suggestions about my next hair color, need your heeeelp!!

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