July Wishlist: Rosewe.com!

11:28 PM

Sales finally began, guys! I'm writing this post because I discovered a new site ( Rosewe ) with free shipping worldwide and I picked up what I thought it was cool, according to my personal style. I didn't buy anything in this site already, so I can't tell you too much but I'll take it as an example for what I'd love to have. Here there are 5 things that should be in everyone's wardrobe:

This jumpsuit is gorgeous and attention, it's me saying this and it actually sounds strange because I hate long pants.. but the pants of this jumpsuit are not too tight-fitting and skinny so they could look great even on me haha. I imagine this look in a windy summer night, maybe for a casual dinner!
To check this item, go HERE

I got obsessed with this kind of crochet clothes! I would love to find a dress all like that, but for the moment I could even be satisfied with this top here. I can imagine it while I'm on the beach, with my bikini under it.. It adds a kind of gypsy or hippie vibe that matches perfectly with my "peace" necklace that you always see in my looks (my favourite!)
For other photos/info of this top, check the link HERE

This item for me is just a dream, I cannot wear it with my actual size of breast haha I would look a bit awful in this! But I love it, it's so pretty and maybe one of you would like to have it. Also the colour is beautiful, a kind of bordeaux, and the particular part I adore is the spaghetti strap design. I already saw this in other sites, even Sheinside have it, but the prizes are pretty much the same so.. here is it, you can get it HERE

I NEED a denim jacket like this. You must know that I adore my old jeans jacket I had from my mom from the 90's, but it has long sleeves! This is the solution at my problems, so that I can wear a denim jacket in summer 8-)
I would obviusly take the biggest size because I want it to fit large, so more comfy and edgy!
Best part of this jacket? It is only $16! If you need it too, you can check it out HEEEERE

Is it too strange for me if I like this? I know it's just a simple little black dress, but it has this beautiful game of straps, front and back (for other pictures you find the dress HERE) and I'm really looking for something similar. I found lots of croptops with spaghetti straps but this dress would totally look more calssy.

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  1. amazing items ! i've got the black overalls,they're great :)

    1. They'll not look good on me as they look on you, but I'll try to get them(or something similar)! :3