Generation with no mythologies to follow

4:49 PM

Strike a pose vooogueeee (that photo is not supposed to be here)

Skirt: H&M
CropTop: H&M
Shoes: Converse (white, long time ago)

This was my saturday night's look, and I wasn't too sure to post it or not because it's a really simple/everyday look.. but since it is a blog about my style, here I am. This skirt is pretty old and I already did some looks with it, and if I loose other weight I may not wear it again haha It is already a big larger on the top so that's sad for me! Anyway I adore this skirt and I would love to find a new one similar to it, with this kind of geometric print. I actually find so funny to create 90's inspired looks, I really feel it and it's just me and not a mainstream thing tryin' to have other's style, you know. 
You cannot see it clearly in the photos, but I found out a tutorial video on youtube (as I said on Instagram) and now I know how to do a choker with my baby hands haha that's awesome, I love to create new things by my own. You can find the tutorial HERE if you are interested, it's pretty simple <3 nbsp="">

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