4:51 PM

Top: Sasch
Skirt: H&M
Purse: Vintage (mom's wardrobe)
Shoes: Old

I lately watched a video on youtube in which a blogger explained the ways to have a successful blog, and I also realized that I'll probably never have a successful blog! haha First point she underlined: "you have to be innovative". That's so true, there are soooo many bloggers out there, the number could scare someone. And, you know, I'm not that innovative! I'm just being myself and sharing my personal views, my blog it's pretty simple and it doesn't really have an awesome presentation. But for me that's actually okay, I'm not supposed to be a great fashion blogger, and I'm not scared of sharing my opinion if they're different from what others think. Uuuuuh, sorry for that, I felt like I had to :D
Looking at today's look (day number 3 of the week-in-outfits!!), maybe it's not an ordinary wednesday kind of look, but I just love it anyway. Black will always be my favourite colour, or better one of those colours which looks better on me! The purse it's from my mom's wardrobe, it doesn't say where it's from and my mom too, she doesn't really remember because it's really old and she've never even used it.

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