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Hey guys, I'm here in my room drinking a cup of tea (don't know why I'm drinking tea before dinner) and editing some photos for this post. I actually want you to know me better because my room really reflects me and how I am changing with the passing of time. Also, I wanted to call it "10 random things in my room" but I didn't know what else to share haha

So, first of all, that's the mess I call "my room"! :D

The first not too small, blue and yellow thing that people could accidentally notice coming in my room it's this huuuuge Swedish flag, on a half of my wall! Everyone asks me like "what it's that for? are you swedish??" and well, I'm not. I just fell in love with that beautiful country, their culture and their music when I was like 14 years old, if I remember well. I really wanted to go there to study, you know, those teenager dreams you always bring in your heart.. and it's because it is still in my heart that I'm pretty sure I'll go there one day in the future. Wait me Swedeeeeennnn!!

Just beside the flag there's the part of my room's wall I adore. It's all my life translated in posters, photos, postcards, books and souvenirs from the places I've visited. If you see the poster in yellow there (Verdena), it's from the first concert I went.. my parents brought me there and I was sooo excited! I was turning to 17 and I was in this place full of 20 (and more) years old hipster guys, you can imagine how I was haha

This is my babyyy.. I mean, it is inside! I love my guitars, this is the acustic one and I passed a lot of time with it, just playing music and expressing myself, or writing music after delusions or happy moments. Usually I write more after delusions, I don't usually write music when I'm happy, it's like I have better things to do haha but when I'm sad and I need a good old friend, my guitar is always there :)

Since I always throw my clothes on the ground or on the bed, my father bought me that to use it as a second "wardrobe", and I'm actually using it more than my first one! Don't know if everyone has it, but if you don't have you need to get this thing (how's it caaaalled D: ) Anyway, you can see how my mother went to this side of the room because it was a mess too.

My lovely piggy bank <3 font="" nbsp="">

I found my old glasses I used to wear when I was 15! They look like some sexy teacher glasses but I can tell you sincerely that they were horrible on me. 

This little boy here is now 3 years old and I got it when I went to Berlin for the first time, during an exchange with school. And I think this photo made Germany win this worldcup, it's a sign, come on.. you know it too! I just bought it because I'm addicted to shopping, because of the colours and because he's a snake and I love snakes. I also have a choker with a snake! 

Always close to me, or better to my bed. This is where I write my songs, and before this, my ideas. It's so old, but I still cannot write a song if I don't have this! It's like if it inspires me.. I would bring it anywhere, it's always a good moment to write your thoughts. Okay, maybe not when you're driving

I'm obsessed with these bookmarks, even if I don't really read too much now. I used to read a lot before, and my favourite writer could be Tracy Chevalier. I also love medieval books, I adore the atmosphere that they could bring to a winter night with a cup of something warm. Or maybe I just like to imagine the medieval clothes of the ladies of that time 

This was my final thingggg, and I'm posting this so late I'm sorry haha We just went out to watch to the worldcup match and i han't the time to write before that. Hope you liked my little messy room as much as I love it <3>

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