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4:44 PM

Kimono: 6KS*
Skater Skirt: Bershka
Crop Top: Bershka
Ring: GoldenEight*

Hello people, today I'm gonna show you this awesome piece which arrived yesterday from 6KS!
I'm totally in love with the colours of this flower printed Kimono, so perfect I could pair it with everything (I started thinking of all the combinations from the moment I saw it). I find it so pretty and even comfy: let's just be onest, fashion is not always being gorgeous suffering (like sometimes happens with heels D: ), but we need something perfect for every occasion! This could be an idea for a summer night at the beach with high waisted shorts and a cropped top.. as per usual for me. If you love the ring I have on the last photo, you'll read more about it in another post I'll made for it because it's so lovely <3 check="" it--=""> here)

GIVEAWAY POST:  http://pollyalba.blogspot.it/2014/06/giveaway-yoyomelody.html

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