4:33 PM

T-Shirt: FrontRowShop
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Topshop
Finally this super cute tee arrived at hoooome, so happy about it! When it arrived it was like a light in these dark days (studying for the final exam I have this wednesdaaaaay!).. how poetic though haha
As I said on my wishlist post, pink t-shirts with something cool written on them are always the best choice. This one in particular is not just funny and pretty, but it's perfect for this period of my life so I decided to make it mine! The material is actually really good and even if it is now out of stock, you can wait and see when they're put it again 'cause I think it will be avaible soon. Since it is pink, I wanted the entire outfit to be on the shades between pink and purple(booties and skirt). The skirt is from H&M and I don't know if it is still on stock (don't think so) 'cause it's a bit old, but it's the most comfy skirt I've ever seen!

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