The nights are getting longer, the pain is getting stronger

6:08 PM

Top: ZARA (old)
Shorts: 6KS*
Kimono: H&M

Sssso, as it is summer now, lots of you may start to think of what you're gonna do (if you haven't yet), and most of you will surely go to music festivals all around the world. That it's actually what I really would love to do, but I have my finals and at the moment (until july) I'm on my chair with my computer, thinking as always of how can it be THAT HOT.
Anyways, returning to the festivals, that's a look made for those who'll rock this summer and enjoy it: the key-word will obviusly be "kimono", so if you have not a kimono in your wardrobe, well I'd run to the nearest shop and get it because I think it became illegal to not have one! It's comfy, beautiful and if you don't have perfect legs/butt but you still want to wear something short, it will let visible only your best parts.
I would love to call these shorts "vintage", but they're anything but vintage haha I got them from 6KS, and I'm seriously in love because it's like I was born with them.

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