Pretty little liars

3:06 PM

Crop Top: Bershka
Overalls: 6KS*
Shoes: Converse

Another pretty item from 6KS, this cute site with lots of pretty summer clothes. 
I'm having problems with my love for flowers, I really have to stop! But these overalls were too cute and child-style, so I just took them. I love the cold colours of the print, different from usual flower prints, and it's kinda denim material (other obsession). 
Once I always used to buy converse.. but then I started with boots because of my "metal period" (you know, everyone has a life made of periods). I still listen to metal music but I realized that I cannot live without converse. They're so comfy and good looking, and they actually go with everything, even dresses (most of all with dresses)!

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