MY WISHLIST! (hey Santa Claus, I believe in you and I know you love me ♥)

11:17 PM

I thought I just needed a simple wishlist with all that I really want now, and that I believe Santa will bring me before Christmas.. he's my boy

I fell in love with all those t-shirts that have something cool and really funny (not just like "bitch" or "hello", you know) written on them. If the phrase is sarcastic, the t-shirt MUST be pink, I find it so hilarious! A mix of "Ohh look at that girl, she's a little pink princess, aren't you?! soo cuuuteee!" and "damn, you're a genius!"
I ordered something cool that could arrive this week, but I won't tell you anything now :3
These lovely tees are from BATOKO, love love and love them

Could you resist at those Clueless inspired sets?? Please find me a girl who won't wear them. I need to talk to her. I fell in love with tartan when I was like 5 years old, when my mom used to think that I was a doll and she had fun going shopping for me (I'd do this with my daughter too!). To be honest at all, my favourite is the yellow one 8)
These aaaare from GLITTERS FOR DINNER and when I found this site, I just couldn't stop saying "aaawwww" like an idiot

These sandals are heaven. Nothing more and nothing less to say about them! I usually hate sandals but, you know, it's like when you say "baah, I don't believe in the perfect guy! Nobody's perfect in this world", but then you see a photo of the swedish model Caspar Peteus and you start believing even in unicorns.
Don't know what I'm sayin' but yeah, love them, and they're from RIVER ISLAND

Hope you liked my small wishlist.. small because I'm a good girl and it's a bad period for everyone, even for Santa Claus! 

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