Modern vampires of the city

4:53 PM

Shirt/Vest: H&M
Velvet Skirt: Sheinside
Tee: Vintage

This look is something like a "return to the origins" for me, and I forgot how cool were band t-shirts!
I used to wear them a lot in the past, but at the moment I would just wear them for a different look, but no more nearly everyday. 
I think this look rocks, there are some pieces I adore like the denim vest (actually a DIY vest, 'cause I cut the sleeves to an old H&M's grey denim shirt) and the velvet skirt, which I don't reallylike to wear when it's summer.. I still don't understand how some girls can live with a velvet skirt during a hot summer like this! 
If you want to know which band is it, well they're a swedish metal band called Opeth,one of the best bands ever for me.

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