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This post is all dedicated to a really nice brand with beautiful pieces, I really had no idea what to get since I was loving every single item of the site, full of creative jewellery. It's 12am and I was just thinking about this fact: as I'm nearly new in the awesome and various world of blogs, I would like to be as honest and sincere as I can from the beginning.. that's actually because when I wasn't a blogger (don't really know if I'm a real blogger now haha) I trusted the fashion bloggers, so they're supposed to say how things and clothes really are. Obvious, right? Not always!

Anyway, now I'm so happy to show you these rings and the bracelet I got from INFINITINE! Most important thing I noticed: the package. It is so lovely and it surprised me because usually sites don't really think about this detail. The first rings are a cool set of three gorgeous rings, they gave me kinda medieval vibes so I couldn't resist to them(I love the middle age). There are two knuckle rings, one in a bronze shade and the other in a silver shade. The only fact is that they're actually an "only size", and I just didn't realize it, but my hands are so big/fat that I have to use the main ring as a knuckle ring haha but it doesn't really lose its awesomeness. That's the "Hawk talon ring set" and you can find it HERE

This one here is the most delicate ring I've ever seen: you can chose the gold or the silver one, but I prefered it in silver because it looks even more classy. I imagine it with some summer outfits with pale colors, maybe pastel colors, for a lovely touch. It is the Moonstone ring, and you can get it HERE
Also, if you really want to feel complete, you should take it with the daisy bracelet in the photos below

I think they're meant to be together! I have an insane obsession with daisies and this bracelet incorporates all the aspects that the perfect bracelet should have for me: nice quality, elegant and fine, graceful and that reminds me of something childish. If you also fell in love like me, get the bracelet HERE 

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