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6:43 PM

Basic T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: Sheinside*

I fell in love with this skirt from the moment I saw it on the site.. and then LeHappy bought it and my love for it grew even more haha 
Obviusly it's better on her and it's actually a bit shorter than the skirts I use to wear, but it's summer and nobody cares!
This print is adorable, it's a blue navy skirt(it could seem like black) and I find it perfect with a white top. I'm saying it because I'm not finding anything else to make a cool combination at the moment (maybe because it arrived just today), but it's so cute I could wear it even with a rainbow top.
The arrival of this skirt was the second good thing of the day, the rest was so awful and I really don't know why! Hope to make things go better in the future :)

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