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I wanted to give some more attention to this pretty little ring which arrived at home yesterday in a sweet package by GOLDEN EIGHT, a site from Austria with a great selection of items in affordable prices. Once I was in love with necklaces, I had lots of them and from the most strange ones.. but actually I'm getting obsessed with ring's universe and I'd like to have all the rings of this world, maybe I could make a post with an accessory-wishlist, I found some interesting items lately!
Anyway, let's just focus on this: rose gold pleated with swarovski elements. If you see one of my photos and then this ring, you don't get which relation could be between the two haha that's real, I always go for an edgy  kind of look, but I mean look at it now. It's so delicate it could make lovely every outfit! Since it is in a rose shade, I paired it today with my beautiful new kimono, I find it's perfect with something flower-printed.
Take a look at their site HERE to see the other pretty accessories, and HERE for this particular ring!

I remember the giveaway of Yoyomelody, don't be shyyyy 

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