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Shirt: Vintage
Maxi Skirt: H&M

You know those periods when everything seems to be perfect, but then something bad happens and make you realize that nothing's going how you want it to go? Well, hello! I'm Polly and I'm actually living in one of those periods.
The only good things at the moment are the fact that the weather is not too hot, the fact that I began watching Vikings (*-* you know what I meeeaaan? Haha) and the fact that the end of the school I've been hating for all these years it's closer!
This look it's kinda classy (can I say it? let me say it!) and I could wear this combination maybe for a nice summer dinner out. The shirt is so feminine and so vintage I could die for it, love the colour, which I think goes pretty well with my hair. Oh, my hair yeah, as I said I'll change a bit the colour (not too much) but I'm still not sure about itttt

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