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Since I have to study these days because of my exams, I wanted to take my blog "alive" writing something personal and not just an outfit post! When I'm in front of my computer, I always start opening my email, my lookbook profile, my blog AAAND my youtube channel!

Doing this list I just realized that most of my favourite vloggers are from England, that's in part because I adore the english accent haha But they're all so brilliant, with an awesome style and funny I cannot stop watching to them.

English Vloggersss:

ESSIEBUTTON: She's canadian but she lives in England! I love to watch her videos because I'm really interested in bloggers/vloggers lifestyle. I think we all should take positive tips from everyone and get better in our life. She makes lots of routine-videos, hauls (not only fashion hauls, she's more for the beauty products hauls) and she's so lovely.

FASHIONROCKMYSOCKS: She has a really delicate way to make and organize videos. Big topshop fan for what I noticed watching to her, love her hauls and skin care/make up tutorials! She has an english style, that I'd call sometimes even a bit french.. classy!

AMYVALENTINE: I found her on lookbook and then discovered her youtube channel.. she has def a perfect style, so similar to mine (but in a better way haha). Love the sites where she gets her clothes from and her pink hair! 

LLIMWALKER, MELONLADY, ZOELLA and BEAUTYCRUSH: All beautiful girls, similar styles! Zoella is pretty known, she also went to the ItaTube (the event with lots of youtubers in Milan!); BeautyCrush is one of the most beautiful woman on earth, seriously, I saw some of her videos without listening to what she said because of her beauty haha; MelonLady is funny as hell, she's not the "thin model" type of girl and I think she's still so perfect! Great hauls though; LlimWalker rocks fashion with disco-pants and croptops, love her!

American Vloggersss:

Three different personalities!
CLOTHESENCOUNTERS: Her style is just perfect, she's flawless and she's able to show formal, casual or sporty outfits without loosing her classy touch. She also travels a lot and that means too much for me, brilliant girl!

ANASTASIJALOUISE: She moves and talks exactly like me in my normal life, that's really creepy and crazy at the same tiiime! Maybe that's the reason why I love her, gorgeous, always thrifting and with a great hair colour. Please check out her videos and you won't get enough. And another crazy girl could be GRAV3YARDGIRL, goth style with an american sense of humor.

Other Vloggerrrr:

LASBII: She's italian and you may not understand a word of what she says, but you can always get inspiration from her. Lots of outfits on her channel, she usually goes for the neutral colours and she has an awesome collection of shoooeees!

Hope you like this kind of posts :) 

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6 commenti

  1. Thank you so much for this post! Really useful. I also fell in love with Amy Valentine on Lookbook, but she's even better on Youtube.
    Why did you stop writting in italian? I love italian and I'm spanish so I understand some words jajajaja, keep doing it, please!!
    And I have a doubt, is Polly Alba your real name? Because it's amazing *^*
    You're beautiful, I really mean it :)

  2. Hahah first of all, thank you so much, you're too kind ♥
    I'm really sorry about the italian translation, the fact is that these months I had a lot to do with school and I just had the time to write something in a faster english.. but now that is ending, I'll keep doing it, I promise!
    Unfortunatly my real name is only Alba, the name Polly Alba just came out because last summer I had a music project with my own songs for a festival and I thought it was so cool and lovely at the same time.. now I'm Pollyalba for everyone! :)

    1. But Alba is also a cool name :) Mine is Carmen jajaja so spanish.
      Upload more videos to YouTube :D

    2. Carmen is one of my favourite spanish names, I don't even know why hahah (actually, I thought that Ingrid was spanish too, but I googled it and it says it's swedish :O this ruined my night haha)
      Anyway, I'll try to do more youtube videos :)♥

  3. thank youuu dear ♥♥♥ :**