Train wheels beating, the wind in my eyes

3:27 PM

Shirt: H&M
Crop Top: Bershka
Shorts: Vintage

Today I took some photos in my parents room, as I did in the past :) just because of a really good light and these perfect relaxing colours..This sunday will be a day to just lay on the bed for me, I really need to think about anything! 
The shirt is from H&M and if you follow me, you probably saw it in another look this winter.. it is something awesome, I adore the details and it's chiffon so I guess it could be perfect in a summer night by the see over an outfit like this.
I cut a pair of my mom's old white jeans actually haha I'm wandering what will she say when she'll see the result (I think these jeans are better this way, more happy for sure :3) 

HEYHEYHEY, new youtube channel guys! I'm so ugly in this video, sorry follow me there if you wanttt :)

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  1. Great look! nice blog! following you hun<3