Sweet Disposition

5:31 PM

Dress: Brandy&Melville

Here's my rainy saturday I'm spending at home on my sofa in the livingroom with some chocolate and my compunter.. I'm too lazy to go out and do what normal people do!
But nothing's gonna stop me from doing my blog post haha I love to edit my photos, sometimes in a dark way, sometimes in a cute and girly way.. and yes, I already know, I'm not a model at all, but I like to take poses even just to have fun.
This dress is great, I bought it last year in a BrandyMelville shop in Rome and I liked it.. maybe because I didn't wear dresses like that and I was surprised, maybe because it is simple in the front, but then it has the cool detail on the back.
Tonight I'm going with my friends out to a concert (a tribute, red hot chili peppers, even if I hate tributes).. but as every saturday, I don't really know what to wear!! I hate this part

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