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3:13 PM

Cropped Top: Bershka
Skirt: Zara
Blazer: Vintage

You know those days when you have exams and you NEED to eat fat food in every single moment of your day? Even if you don't really need something to eat? Well.. these are my days :'(
I have to study a lot, so I cannot go to take a walk everyday and just relax (anyways, the pic is from yesterday 'cause I couldn't resist to go in the natuuuure)
This look is something made to just express my own style: a style that maybe no one else has because no one could have courage to wear these things haha but I love this! I love the vintage blazer (Guess from where?? Yeaah mom's wardrobe, honey!) and love these colours all together (blue-red-cream) 
Soon another cute collaboration with a cool site.. follow me for more :)

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