From a mess to the masses!

4:44 PM

Kimono: H&M
Crop Top: Bershka
Skirt: H&M

That's a regulary spring/summer outfit for me, actually! I fell in love with kimonos last summer, but unfortunatly it was too late so eheh I have to buy all the kimonos I could have bought in my entire life until last summer.. seems legit 
So, why are boys such jerks? I don't know, the only thing I know at the moment is that I'm gonna wear lots of crop tops this summer and that you gotta prepare for a really hot one because I have lots of new clothes that will arrive soon to show you. Not saying anything 'cause I want to surprise you guys <3
And as Freddy Mercury said, I'm just a poor girl, nobody likes my new cute facebook page haha --->  help me making it grow HERE 
Lots of love,

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