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5:23 PM

Cardigan: Pull&Bear
Dress: H&M

I usually starts my posts with something that is not about my outfits, and that's because my blog is not just about fashion and this huge world, but even about my life, my thoughts and my personal views.
So according to what I just said, I'm supposed to talk about something serious and deep.. so let's talk about beards! haha I fell in love with beards when I was around 17 years old, 'cause remember you're never too young to like beards.
Since you're a man, the beard can keep you warm when it's winter, it can be a good friend when you're sad or it can help you when you're tired! Okay, maybe that's too much and you're thinking I'm crazy.. I'm just trying in a sad way to convince men to make their beards grow.
As it is a grey day, here's a grey look! The dress is one of those basic dresses from h&m and I usually wear it under something (as a skirt) but it's too warm now so here is it, in all his "beauty". If you read my other posts, you can notice that I love XL clothes, expecially if their from the "for man" part of a store.. as this cardigan, sooooo comfy and cozy and everything you want <3

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