Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye

5:48 PM

Dress: Vintage
High Socks: Calzedonia

Another look in my parents room, since I had no idea of where to shoot today.. hope to go outside some of these days, if weather decides to stop being so weird!
If a normal girl on a Tuesday afternoon starts to think of what she'll have for dinner or maybe what she'll do with her friends on Friday, I think of what will I buy next, so I'm starting to think I need some help! Does anybody know something like "Buyer Anonymous"? 
Anyways, let's focus on my outfit: that's one of those dresses that make me feel like a candy, but still loving it. I wore it like 3 times last week 'cause I'm getting obsessed, and actually it's a "DIY" dress (don't really know if I can call it this way, but it was a shirt that I modified). If I wear it with the belt it becomes a bit too short and I have to wear an H&M basic skirt, but without the belt I look like a pregnant woman or a baby.. so, yeah, a dress for every occasion! haha

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