There'll be no rest for the wicked

6:14 PM

Overalls: Pull&Bear
Shirt: 2Hand

This is one of my most vintage spring/summer look ever!
The shirt is something adorable, I don't mind if it's too vintage 'cause I just love it.. plus, the colors are perfectly mixed with my overalls from Pull&Bear. I could wear them with anything, I wore them even this saturday: I was late (as usual) and I had no idea of what to wear. Overalls are always the best idea. Oh, and obviusly here's again my favourite part of the room as a simple "location" for the photos!
Today, it was one of the worst days of my week, I also went in a bus with a milion of tourists! When I'm a tourist I don't really realize how stupid I can get haha
Anyways, thank you so much, I reached 5000 fans on Lookbook and I'm sososo happy :)

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