The consequences of not sleeping

8:40 PM

Cardigan: 2hand
Skirt: H&M
The Cure Tee: Old

Yaaaay, final look of my "week in outfits", guys :D I think I'll have a day of relax, and then wednesday I'll post my next look!
It's still raining and I'm not really fine because I have to study a lot and I think this night will be awful.
This look is one of my ordinary looks, and this skirt is defenetly one of my favourits.. The Cure's tee it's something that goes with anthing, you wanna put in on a chair? Damn, that would be a great combo too! 
Wish me luck for tomorrow, I will probably have an oral test (on the second world war) for my history class and I'd really prefer to be in the middle of the desert without water and with a fur coat instead of being at school.

Please a bit of attention after my stupid words heeere :3
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