Get the key!

7:37 PM

Dress: H&M (old)
Cardigan: PULL&BEAR

I was thinking of something cool to do, because I'm not writing like everyday on the blog and I'm so afraid of it! So, I thought that this week (in which I'm doing totally nothing!) could have been a great "WEEK IN OUTFITS".
If you haven't already heard about this kind of stuff, well it's basically a week in which I'll daly post my outfits, as I wear them. Hope you'll like my looks 'cause I'll show you what I wear in my normal life, as always :)
So today I felt like I had to wear this old H&M dress with lots of key on it!
It reminds me of something vintage and retro but still don't know why.. maybe the cut of the dress, maybe the colours.
The green cardigan is perfect with everything I wear, and sometimes it's so much perfect that I even forget the color of it and put it on something that doesnt go really good with it!

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