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From the video of Capital Cities, "kangaroo court"! Great song :)

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Superga/Topshop's Booties

Looook number 3, and that's obviusly my favourite! I thought I didn't like stripes on me at all, but then I saw this dress. This is not a simple, cute and lovely stripey dress: it's like the stripes are making a kind of interesting game on it, and with this game you won't look like a fat zebra! 
I also wanted to give you two ideas about the shoes: red Superga if you're walking around and you want to be a little sporty, some good booties from Topshop (perfect with actually everything!).
This photos are from today's shooting, and I just posted them because of my "week in outfits". I went with my boyfriend to a lake which is like 40/45 mins from here.. it was a funny day, even if it wasn't too hot and always sunny! 
Hope you've already listened to the song "kangaroo court" of Capital cities, it's just one of my favourites in this period.

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