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Dress: NewYorker 
Rings: TopShop/H&M

I'm back, guysss! And I've got to say "unfortunatly", 'cause I had a really great time :(
If you're reading my blog for the first time and you don't understand the first phrase, well I went for a trip this week with my classmates to Budapest and Prague. I'll post soon some photos of these two beautiful cities!
We walked a lot, saw lots of things/museums, met lots of people and we drank a lot of beers too.. 
This is a dress from New Yorker, a shop I already know because I saw it in Berlin too (I've put the link of the site), and I have something similar but I fell in love because of the zip detail in the front of it. Also, this flower print is sooo cute and adorable so I couldn't resist! Prizes there are kinda similar to HM's prizes, and the clothes too. 
In prague, I went also to Topshop (one of my favourites when I have to shop online) but it was the last day of the trip so I had not enough money to buy the entire shop D: But I had to take something from there, so I bought a set of three beautiful rings.

Thank you for being more than 3000 fans on Lookbook (pollyalba), love you so much <3


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