Endors Toi

6:22 PM

Skirt: H&M
Tank Top: H&M
Jeans Jacket: Vintage

If I don't consider my test today at school, this was a really great day haha
I bought this skirt like two years ago (H&M), and I bought it when I used to wear lot of black clothes (even in spring/summer), so for me it was like something too strange! I used to listen a lot of Metal music and thought it would be cooler if I had always kinda "dark" style.. But I realized it doesn't really work this way, you can play with clothes and change everytime you want: when you feel really happy it's awesome to wear bright colours and make cool combinations, and when you feel sad you can use something darker..  That's why I love clothes and fashion.
The jacket is the one I want to modify on the back: it's simple and old so I feel free to use my imagination on it :D
Listen to "Endor Toi", from Tame Impala(I know, it seems like I listen just to them haha)!! Perfect song.. I would have loved to write it 

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